Welcome to Yellow Bee Learning!

Hi there! My name is Miss B and this is my new web site. This is the page where you can learn a little bit about what my work is all about)

I have been a primary school teacher in London for over ten years and I have previously taught in Years 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. I am currently teaching in a Reception class for the fourth year and I absolutely love it!

My other role in school is as the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator which I also love.

However, I am about to take a break from school because I am due to start maternity leave at the end of May, ready for the arrival of my third child in mid June.

I decided to take this opportunity to launch Yellow Bee Learning and fulfill some plans which have been half-formed in my mind for a long time.

I have spent many hours searching the web for inspiration and resources to use in my classroom. I am a huge pinterest fan and love browsing photos of other people’s classroom activities and displays, but I am also a big fan of youtube ‘how to’ videos and have often thought how great it would be to find ‘how to’ videos of some of the ideas and resources I have seen on pinterest.

So… I have decided to have a go at making them myself! To back up my videos, I am going to make and publish resources on the Teachers Pay Teachers web site (another favourite of mine), so that if a printable is needed for a particular activity, people can download them rather than make them from scratch.

I am not sure where all this will take me, but I am excited about giving it a try. So please, leave a comment, read my posts, watch my videos, download my resources and let me know what you think!


Miss B


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